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IF You Can WALK ....You can 'GLIDE'

Welcome to Glide Bikes.co

The EASIEST and SAFEST POSSIBLE way for children to learn TWO WHEEL BALANCE and enjoy the great NEW fun riding experience.... 'GLIDING' 

'Click' on the following link >>Glidebikes.co << and we will take you to our full feature website.

NOW! available in the UK from Glide Bikes.co for all children from 2 years to Teen to learn balance and experience the NEW cool world of...'GLIDING' with the GO Glider


The 'Glide Bike' is also an ideal teaching aid for most children with 'Issues' to learn 'Balance' & Co-ordination at their own Pace and within their capabilities Safely and with Confidence 


 Always Wear a Helmet Δ


If You can Walk......You can 'GLIDE'